About Us


Our Mission

We want to see people enjoy your event and remember it long after it’s over. With BoothUp, you will walk away from your event, memories in hand, able to remember the fun times for years to come.

Our Story

Our extensive background in event marketing and passion for positive environment lead us to create BoothUp. The photo booths were handcrafted in Michigan in 2013 and have enlivened numerous events, capturing the special moments and making them unforgettable.

Our Team

Our team is fully equipped to run the photo booth so that you can focus on your event. 

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Director - Nick is passionate about running BoothUp and ensuring buttery smooth customer relations and a great event experience for clients.


Scott Mixer

Founder and builder of BoothUp, Scott is a prodigy in tech and creative fields. From a young age Scott has been an entrepreneur and business owner, and BoothUp is an example of his creativity and drive in the business empire.


Brent Stryker

BoothUp Attendant - Brent is stoked to run photo booths, interact with attendees and is great at keeping the vibes positive the whole time.

Benjamin Terova

BoothUp Attendant - Ben has the photo booth know how, loves engaging with people, and enjoys helping them create great memories at events.

Kyle Caraher

BoothUp Attendant - Kyle is a photo booth pro, great with guests and loves interacting with them to ensure they walk away with great memories from their event.